We offer a wide range of dental services at our practice, including emergency dentistry. If you experience a dental emergency in Topeka, KS, contact Topeka Pro Dental…

Serving Patients in Topeka


We offer a wide range of dental services at our practice, including emergency dentistry. If you experience a dental emergency in Topeka, contact Topeka Pro Dental immediately so that we can treat you as quickly as possible. Our dentists provide urgent dental care to patients from the city and nearby communities. We treat all types of dental emergencies, including toothaches and tooth pain, emergency root canals, knocked-out teeth, damaged dental work, and more. We look forward to being your partner in dental health.


If you are unsure whether your situation is considered a dental emergency, do not hesitate to contact us anyway. We quickly diagnose and determine the gravity of the problem and treat you according to your emergency needs promptly. Sometimes life happens, and there are just times when dental care is immediately needed. In these times, an emergency dentist is who you need to call.


Directions to Our Practice


If you aren’t familiar with our location in Topeka, we can help using a few notable starting points in town as a reference. For anyone coming to us from the direction of the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, get onto Washburn Avenue headed south. Keep going for a mile and a half, then take a right onto 21st St. After another mile and a half, turn left onto Gage Blvd. Stay on that for a mile, then turn right onto 29th St. Keep going for 1.7 miles, under the interstate, until you reach Wanamaker Dr. We’re just a little bit around the bend, across from the Street Corner convenience store.


Topeka Trivia


Topeka gets its name from the Kansa-Osage word for “place where we dig potatoes.” It was first used in 1826 or earlier as the name for what we now call the Kansas River. The city was one of the free-state towns founded by antislavery men from the east after the Kansas-Nebraska Bill passed, and it was chartered as a city in 1857.


Things to Do and See in Our City


A place you can’t miss visiting in Topeka is Gage Park, a place steeped in history since its establishment in 1899, and which continues to hold a cherished place in the hearts of Topeka and northeast Kansas residents. This 160-acre park has evolved into a beloved attraction for the community, offering a wide array of experiences suitable for all ages.


Originally donated by the heirs of Guilford Gage, Gage Park’s legacy is a testament to its enduring appeal. It serves as a backdrop for a myriad of occasions, from family reunions and birthday celebrations to corporate gatherings and weddings. The park’s picturesque setting provides the perfect canvas for crafting both new and nostalgic memories. Among its enduring features, the beloved mini-train has been an iconic presence in Gage Park for over 45 years. 


Passengers embark on a scenic one-mile journey through the heart of the park, accompanied by informative narration about the park’s history and the plethora of attractions awaiting visitors and their families. Come relive treasured moments and create fresh memories at Gage Park, a true gem in Topeka’s landscape.

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