Treatment For Periodontitis And Gum Disease

Why Would You Need Scaling And Root Planing?

Periodontitis, AKA gum disease, is caused by a sticky film of bacteria called plaque. Plaque is always forming on your teeth, but if your teeth aren’t cleaned well, the bacteria in plaque can cause your teeth to become inflamed. If left untreated, your gums will begin to pull away from your teeth, leaving pockets where the bacteria will breed.

Once this has happened, not only is it extremely difficult (if not impossible) to remove with regular brushing and flossing, you’re at risk of bone and tooth loss. Dr. Weber would recommend scaling and root planing if they diagnoses you with periodontitis.

What Is Scaling And Root Planing Treatment?

Scaling and root planing is a two-part procedure to treat periodontitis. The scaling portion is when Dr. Weber removes all of the plaque and tartar (hardened plaque) above and below your gum line. It’s important that they cleans all the way down to the bottom of the pocket.

Dr. Weber would then begin the second phase of treatment, which is root planing. Root planing smooths out the roots of your teeth to help your gums re-attach to them. Planing helps the root surfaces become smooth, which keeps bacteria, plaque, and tartar from re-adhering underneath the gumline. The process may take more than one appointment to make sure that your teeth are clean and healthy.

Aftercare Tips

When you see Dr. Weber for followup treatments, they will want to check on the healing of your teeth and gums. In most cases, patients who had red or swollen gums find that the tenderness and bleeding from periodontitis is reduced or completely eliminated. If your gums respond well and remain stable, you won’t need any further treatment. 

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