Dental bonding (white dental filling material) is the most trusted, contemporary way to get your tooth fillings. Are you concerned about the mercury in your old amalgam fillings? Our highly skilled dentists at Topeka ProDental can replace your old silver fillings with white dental bonding material. The material is stronger, more flexible, and lasts longer than mercury amalgam silver filling materials!

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Dental bonding is a simple and cost-effective method used by our dentists to make minor repairs to your teeth. This procedure uses a strong white tooth-colored material.

We apply the material to your teeth to make them stronger. It works similarly to your natural teeth. During the process, we use a special UV light.

White or composite fillings are common dental bonding used to fill your cavities. This allows you to smile big and eat all the foods you love without pain. White teeth bonding fillings match the color of your teeth, unlike silver fillings. They are popular for a more beautiful natural smile.

What Is Dental Bonding?

A dental bonding procedure is a simple dental treatment that makes your smile look better! You apply a solid resin to your tooth, and then we harden and bond it using a special UV light.

This technique repairs small chips, cracks, or cavities and replaces the need for traditional silver fillings. The white composite bonding filling matches your natural tooth color, resulting in a great-looking smile.

What Are White Fillings?

White fillings, or composite fillings, are a type of dental filling specialized to match the color of your natural teeth. Our dentist fixes your teeth by filling cavities and holes with white bonding material, making them look good again. This prevents cavities from getting bigger and protects your tooth.

Benefits And Advantages Of White Fillings

White fillings offer many benefits that make them a popular choice. One advantage they have over silver amalgam fillings is their strength and color. They perfectly blend with the color of your teeth and look almost exactly like your natural teeth.

They are also durable and help strengthen weak or cracked teeth. Unlike old silver fillings, white fillings are safe and mercury-free, promoting better health. If you need a filling, consider the option of white fillings for your best tooth protection, a natural appearance, and a great smile.

The Process Of Dental Bonding With White Fillings

Dentists can bond teeth using white material in a quick process done in one dental visit. These tooth-colored composites are very simple cosmetic dental procedures to help you achieve a long-lasting healthy smile. Here are the steps involved in the dental bonding process:

  1. Preparation: Our highly experienced dentist will select a composite resin color that matches your existing teeth.
  2. Roughening the Tooth Surface: The Dentist roughens the tooth surface and applies liquid to help bonding material stick.
  3. Applying the Resin: We apply and shape the tooth-colored resin to the correct form.
  4. Hardening the Resin: A special ultraviolet UV light or laser hardens the resin and bonds it to your tooth.
  5. Trimming and Polishing: The dentist will shape and polish the material to match the tooth’s surface.

The process is typically painless and results in a repaired, natural-looking tooth. If you have any dental anxiety, discuss it with your dentist beforehand for added comfort. Dental Bonding further protects your from gum disease and tooth decay to prevent any serious further dental problems.

You might ask, “How much is tooth bonding?” Well, the dental bonding costs all depends on your unique dental needs. Dental insurance usually pays for most of your dental bonding, so you only have to pay a small amount.

Book an appointment with our dentist, Dr. Weber, or his team. We’ll provide the cost estimate and find out about your insurance before starting the treatment.

Aftercare And Maintenance Of Dental Bonding

Proper care is vital to maintain the longevity and quality of your dental bonding and white fillings. Here are some helpful tips:

Daily Care

Brush and floss your teeth daily, paying special attention to the bonded area. We suggest using fluoride toothpaste to prevent damaging the filling material. This prevents cavities and keeps your tooth bonding material clean.

Avoid eating hard foods and chewing on objects like jawbreakers candy, or ice cubes, as they can damage the bonding of your affected tooth. Additionally, limit your consumption of teeth-staining substances such as tea, coffee, or red wine.

Regular Dental Visits

Continue your regular dental check-ups to ensure that your dental bonding remains intact. Our dentists can also perform touch-ups to your dental bonding to keep your smile the best that it can be. We may also recommend dental sealants for your molars, depending on your unique needs.

To keep your smile beautiful and amazing forever, follow these care instructions and visit your dentist regularly.

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